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Professional Forensic Engineering

Property Damage

The Investigative Engineers Association (I-ENG-A®) members have completed thousands of reports involving the determination of the cause of failures and/or extent of damage in residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Our members have experience in determining wind versus flood issues such as with Hurricane Katrina.

An I-ENG-A member begins a systematic investigation to determine the cause of failure and extent of damage. Buildings faults may be monitored to determine any changes with time. Construction and installation procedures must be analyzed as well as maintenance records to determine the source or sources of failure.

Cost evaluation, review of replacement alternatives, and code updating and betterment issues may be need to be addressed. Reports are prepared suitable for litigation purposes and can assist in the preparation of interrogatories and related questions to be asked during statements under oath and in depositions.

Courtroom Presentations: Upon request, we will answer interrogatories, be available to attend depositions, and provide expert witness testimony.

I-ENG-A members are qualified professionals and are adept in the utilization of charts, diagrams, models, and other visuals to enhance the presentation.

  • Building Code Compliance
  • Construction Claims and Defects Analysis
  • EIFS and Stucco Analysis
  • Hail Damage Assessment
  • OSHA Regulation Analysis
  • Structural Integrity
  • Windstorm Damage Assessment
  • Building Envelope Analysis
  • Commercial Property Construction Assessments
  • Flood Effect Evaluations
  • Moisture Damage Assessment
  • Roof Damage Determination
  • Code Updating and Betterment Issues
  • Water Loss Fraud Analysis