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Professional Forensic Engineering

Investigation and Report

Service Hourly Rate
Investigative Engineer $175.00
Investigative Assistant $100.00
Depositions $300.00
Expert Witness/Trial Testimony $500.00
Picture Submitted with Report (each) $5.00
Clerical $50.00

Hourly services require 4 hour minimum.

Evidence Pickup

Service Flat Rate
Large Evidence Pickup $200.00
Small Evidence Pickup $100.00
Sample Retrieval $300.00

Evidence Storage

Service Monthly Rate
Large Evidence Storage $75.00
Small Evidence Storage $50.00
Sample Storage $25.00

Large Evidence includes: large appliances, a/c units, hot water heaters, computers, TVs, tires, etc.
Small Evidence includes: countertop appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical, etc.
Samples to be held in jars or storage bags

  • Lab Testing and Chemical Analysis available, prices dependent on requirement.
  • Prices and services quoted but not limited to above.
  • Special cases will be quoted as required.

Travel Zone Charges Price
≤ 30 MI One-Way No Charge
>30-50 MI One-Way $25.00
>50-100 MI One-Way $50.00
>100-170 MI One-Way $100.00
>170 MI One-Way $0.60/MI

Forensic Laboratory Analysis /Testing Estimates

Products Costs
Appliances (Sm/Lg) $450/$525
Plumbing Fixtures/Piping $450.00
Plastic & Rubber Material $450.00
Electric Controls $475.00
Electrical Wiring $450.00
Oil Burners $525.00

Metallurgical Testing: $600 - $900

Chemical Analysis Costs
Water Sampling $435/Sample
Soot Sampling $435/Sample
Gas Chromatography $350/Sample
Gas Chromatography w/ Mass Spectrometry $400/Sample
Forensic X-Raying $400 includes 2 prints
  • Special Cases will be quoted.
  • Cost does not include report preparation, clerical, tax and shipping.

Must use Courier with Tracking Support for Chain of Custody as per ASTM Standards for evidence.