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Professional Forensic Engineering

Investigative Engineers Association, Inc., (I-ENG-A®)

Investigative Engineers Association, Inc., (I-ENG-A®) was founded in 1991 as the very first association of professional forensic or investigative engineering firms doing business with the property and casualty insurance industry.

I-ENG-A of Orange County

I-ENG-A of Orange County is the forensic division of Quants Engineering, Inc., dedicated to providing timely and accurate professional forensic engineering. The firm offers comprehensive consulting services to the Property and Casualty Insurance industry (including adjusters, risk managers, litigation, government and private clients).

I-ENG-A of Orange County was established to provide Insurance Companies with a means to professionally handle their claim’s investigations by a professional engineering firm delivered on schedule and in a cost-effective manner. With access to the I-ENG-A’s training, library of reference and experts in a wide variety of disciplines, the firm can offer prompt investigation and reporting on many types of claims investigations.

I-ENG-A of Orange County provides multi-disciplinary design, consulting and forensic engineering services. The firm personnel bring over 30 years of combined engineering experience, enabling them to respond actively to the changing environments and needs of clients. It is our basic philosophy to produce quality work, on time, and within budget. It is our experience which enables us to integrate this philosophy into each claims assignment.

I-ENG-A of Orange County personnel have gained considerable expertise in their fields for the benefit of our clients and demonstrate the stability of our firm. A team of our experienced personnel is assembled for each project, headed by a lead engineer providing personal and vested interest to the needs of our clients.

I-ENG-A of Orange County prides itself in perfecting the team approach, utilizing the strength of the integrated practice of Investigation, Precise Documentation of Findings and Observations, Analysis, Concise Reporting, and, if needed, Professional Testimony. The trick is to develop a co-operative team, which strives to meet as many goals as possible, with the minimum amount of compromise from any and all forensic team members. The I-ENG-A association and local member firms, as a team, are on the leading edge of technology addressing each minute detail with accuracy.