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Professional Forensic Engineering

Engineering Catastrophe (CAT) Response Team

The member firms of the INVESTIGATIVE ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION (I-ENG-A) are able to work together in teams when there is a need for a large volume of forensic engineering assessments to be performed in a timely fashion. There are benefits of utilizing the I-ENG-A CAT Response Teams.


  • Capable of supplying multiple engineering teams at one time
  • Multi-Disciplined engineers available from within the network can be brought in as needed
  • Teams can handle large numbers of assignments concurrently in an organized fashion
  • Local representation assures a timely response of teams to disasters
  • Rapid field investigations and report development
  • Fully supported by licensed and insured professionals
  • Reduced travel time


  • Origin and cause(O&C) investigations
  • Pre-existing vs storm damage determinations
  • Structural damage assessments
  • Geotechnical evaluations
  • Wind damage assessmnets
  • Storm surge assessments
  • Wind vs surge/flood or water damage determination
  • Seismic damage evaluation
  • Hail damage assessments
  • Mechanical/Electrical evaluations
  • Environmental assessments
  • Moisture mapping
  • Moisture intrusion/indoor air quality

One teams capable of completing fifty to sixty field
assignments during a seven day deployment