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Professional Forensic Engineering

Members of the Investigative Engineers Association (I-ENG-A®) have all been through an intensive training course developed with more than seventy (70) years of combined experience by the Advisory Board of the Investigative Engineers Association. The methodology developed by the board has a proven success record of investigating and reporting the facts for the property and casualty industry. The I-ENG-A online video library assists member firms in subject matter developed by select experts from across the country. The education in total comes to about 100 hours of professional development in the field of forensic and investigative engineering.


I-ENG-A members are trained to have a keen eye for details and to present a consistently produced report in a format that is complete, yet concise, utilizing the scientific method.

I-ENG-A has member locations throughout the USA consisting of more than 800 engineers. All of this expertise is available through the local member firm.

I-ENG-A Training and Networking

I-ENG-A Training and Networking allows for expertise on a local level opening up the ability for investigation on many more claims while keeping travel costs to a minimum.

I-ENG-A Networking

I-ENG-A Networking allows for expertise on a local level that may otherwise be unavailable without travel expenses.

  • Timely
  • Accurate
  • Diverse
  • Nationwide
  • Hundreds Of Experts Via Local Office
  • Educated

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