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Professional Forensic Engineering

Investigate Engineers Association (I-ENG-A)

The Investigative Engineers Association is a nationwide network of independent forensic engineering firms, providing services to investigate, document, test and secure property/evidence and provide accurate reporting for the property and casualty insurance industry.

The Investigative Engineers Association standardized reporting methodology, database of information, forensic engineering education and networking ability assists with comprehensive, cost-effective and fastidious claims settlement.

I-ENG-A of Orange County By Quants Engineering, Inc., is a member firm of the Investigative Engineers Association. They are the local representative firm for the association, which has member firms throughout the United States providing forensic engineering services.

-ENG-A of Orange County By Quants Engineering, Inc., has experts and forensic engineers in a variety of disciplines. And, the I-ENG-A association has hundreds of professional forensic engineers, laboratories and experts which readily make themselves available to one another. The result is timely, fair, honest and equitable evaluation of losses, insurance claims and/or legal matters.